Dr. Martens Philippines Opening

For the past months I’ve been looking for something that is not present at all.
I was actually looking for the store of Dr. Martens here in the Philippines and depressingly all of their branches closed. I was then looking for a website selling cheap but Authentic Dr. Martens and found a facebook page of Doc Martens Philippines which is owned by Bryan. He’s selling second hand but still good as new Dr. Martens shoes. And as i was browsing, I found the official facebook page of the new Dr. Martens Philippines. I was thrilled when i read that they are opening a store in The Fort. I impulsively got 2 tickets for me and my boyfriend, next thing I know was I am already talking about it the whole day and I even had my friend Lyka join us and get herself a ticket as well.
December 9, 2011 we weren’t able to go at 1pm but we went there for the event itself. Arrived at The Fort Strip at exactly 8pm, we then went to the concept store. 
My boyfriend was a bit disappointed to find just few designs but he saw a pair that he likes. Purple suede 3989 Wingtip Brogues but the smallest size is 8 and he’s just a size 7. The group of Borgy manotoc were the ones who enter Dr. Martens here.
The band of Lourd de Veyra, Radioactive Sago Project, played and started the party. Spotted Georgina Wilson and Raymund Gutierrez. Also, that night was like a reunion for my boyfriend Miguel. His former Ateneo soccer team co-player Sam Wilson, brother of Georgina Wilson, was there and they were able to talk again after ages! Also a former neighbor of him was spotted and a co-drifter Bryan Revilla was there.  It was a night of pure awesomeness.
Visit the Dr. Martens Concept Store in The Fort Strip near Puccini.
Here are some photos during the event. I was wearing a white patent 1460 Dr. Martens boots.
Lesley Jane 

Author: heylesleyjane

A licensed teacher who explored more on her creative side and now a professional makeup artist. Loves to bring out the potential in every one.

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