Useful Gifts for Christmas and Holidays

Most of us probably have no gifts for the coming Christmas yet.
Thinking of what gift could be given away?
Well, I’ll be giving you some cheap yet useful gifts to give which are safe for either men or women for this year’s Christmas and where to find them.
Why umbrella? Isn’t that so girly? Come on! If it’s already raining, would you find a guy girly if he’s using an umbrella to shield himself from the rain? NO! So, umbrella will be forever useful for everyone especially now that the weather keeps on changing. It can also be used to block the sun, so why not give an umbrella, right? Cheap yet very sturdy umbrellas can be bought in Japan Home Centre (Daiso and Saizen). They have branches in Waltermart E. Rodrigues Q.C., Robinsons Galleria, Market! Market!, Gateway Mall, Alabang Town Center, Eastwood City, Trinoma, and Greenhills Shopping Center. I think it is only P 88.00 or more.
Yes, a planner! It is always good to keep track of your schedule especially to those who are working. There are reports that need to be passed on time, so be reminded and never forget. You don’t actually need those big bulky planners but if you think it’s cute, then GO!!! It is still good to give very nice gifts. Papemelroti have a small planner which i find sooo cute. They are just so cheap but very eco-friendly. It is around P 30.00 to P 50.00 only. They have branches in SM North Edsa, Alimall Cubao, SM Fairview, SM Megamall, Glorietta 3, and their main branch is in Korben Place Roces Avenue Q.C.
Come on! Why a pocket flash light and a whistle? It is a must for everyone!!! These are the stuff you need wherever you go especially to places where calamities are very often happening. Whenever you are in danger, you can just blow the whistle to let people know and alarm them that you are in an emergency. For dark places and if you’re stuck somewhere, you will need a flash light to see the way and even just to see who’s there with you. Japan Home Centre also has these stuff. You can get them below P 100.00.
Aside from the planner, it is also good to give stick notes. But, remember to give not just 1 set of sticky notes or post-its, they might think that you do not give importance to them that much. It is still good to be generous and give more. Sticky notes will help them remind themselves of the urgent calls and reminders. Doesn’t the planner do that? Yes, but it still is good to see a bigger copy of your schedule daily and be reminded all the time. There’s this store in Greenhills, Regina’s, which sells cheap sticky notes. It only costs around  P 20.00 to P 50.00 and the have very nice designs. Very cute!
If you cannot give a Bible, give at least a simple daily bread as their daily devotion with Christ. Let them rejoice not only physically, mentally but also spiritually. It still is good to be conversing with the Lord daily and having deep relationship with Him. Do not even ask the price. This is a must! You also need to buy 1 for yourself.
What is a pampering kit? Well, this is a kit where you will have all your kikay needs. People need to pamper themselves especially those people who seem to be so stressed. It is great to exfoliate your skin daily, avoid sunlight, and protect your hair from the sun. Body scrub should be in this kit. A shampoo as well needs to be in it, and also a lotion. 
I will soon be selling Pampering Kit for a very low price. 🙂 Wait for my next blog and win 1 pampering kit. 🙂
So, these are some gift ideas for this coming holiday. Keep posted and wait for other useful tips and updates.
Remember: you are not limited to the stores indicated above. It is still the better to go for the cheaper ones and best to go to Divisoria to find these things especially if you’re buying wholesale.
Good luck with your shopping.
Happy Christmas!
Lesley Jane 

Author: heylesleyjane

A licensed teacher who explored more on her creative side and now a professional makeup artist. Loves to bring out the potential in every one.

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