Mikey Bustos on my Christmas shopping day

So, I went to Greenhills with my boyfriend and his mom for our Christmas shopping.
Bought some stuff and we were satisfied, I guess.
As we were eating in Luk Yuen I noticed a guy in black shirt, checkered hat, and glasses.
No doubt it’s Mikey Bustos!!!
Miguel stopped me from standing and said, “are you sure that’s him?”
COME ON!!!! I’m a fan! I know it’s him! YouTube sensation, Canadian Idol, Chicharon ni Mang Juan, hello? HELLO?!?!?!
And, there, we went out to have a picture with him. *wink wink*
People doesn’t seem to notice him. They were like, “okay, so who’s that guy and why is that crazy girl having a picture with him?”
Okay, people, He is Mikey Bustos. Try to search his name in YouTube and you’ll know. 🙂

So, there are people asking if Mikey Bustos and Ashleyslips will be having a video together.
I asked him and he said yes!
Megan Ashley Rivera, I met your partner Megnog!!! WOOOHOOOO! 🙂
So, Mikey, you asked me to tag you, I sure will.
I will tweet this to you. 🙂
And to my very envious sister, I feel sorry for you. HAHAHAHAHA!
Happy Holidays!
Lesley Jane ♥

Author: heylesleyjane

A licensed teacher who explored more on her creative side and now a professional makeup artist. Loves to bring out the potential in every one.

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