Haircut and Hair Tattoo at Hecktor’s Salon


I’ve really just waited for my hair to be colored then I’m off to my favorite salon. 🙂


As you’ve seen in my previous blog entry, Coloring Hair Golden Yellow, my hair was really really long and shapeless. Although I’ve cut most of the pink parts of my hair, there were still some remaining to be hanging on there. LOL


Then, I have decided to have a haircut. After work, I went straight to my hairstylist. I’m not a stranger here but whenever I go to this salon I usually have the side of my head shaved and not really have a hair styling or haircut.


They shampooed my hair first then they sprayed something like a conditioner to my hair for it to be easily brushed.


Then, Hecktor, the owner of the salon, started cutting my hair. He always does my hair especially my hair tattoo or hair art. Hecktor never goes wrong with his craft.



Then he shaved the right side of my head again for the Nth time. LOL. I looked so nervous on this photo but I’m just irritated by the sound of the razor.


After shaving it, Hecktor then did my hair tattoo (as always). By the way, Hecktor used to be a senior stylist for Bench Fix. Apparently, he became wiser and wanted to grow as an individual, he then put up his own salon. And, yes, all his clients are still with him, even those who were his clients from Bench Fix. 🙂


Blower time!!! 🙂 I love how my hair looks like after blower that’s why I’m always excited for this part. LOL.


What you all thought was when it’s done blow drying the hair, everything’s finished. THAT’S WRONG! After blow drying, Hecktor will still snip you hair for the final touches. 🙂


And there, my hair after the haircut and shaving  and hair tattoo. LOL. This photo does not give justice to the shape of the hair, though because it was all in just one side.  But you can still see the layers which you will not see from my previous hair. 🙂

Have your haircut now! You will not regret going to this salon.


You can go to Hecktor’s Salon from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Mondays to Sundays.

It is located at 47 Scout Torillo St. Timog, Quezon City.

Tell me your experience with Hecktor’s Salon and share your photo even. 🙂

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Lesley Jane 

Author: heylesleyjane

A licensed teacher who explored more on her creative side and now a professional makeup artist. Loves to bring out the potential in every one.

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