It has been a while since I have posted something here in my blog and also on YouTube! But, I really do hope that I get to do this regularly since I am pretty much available most of the time. LOL.






Sooooooo, here’s the look I made for my YouTube comeback. LOL

I have filmed this months ago. As you can see, I still have only my engagement ring in there. I think I filmed this around April of this year.



Here are the products that I have used to achieve this look

  1. Foundation – Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation in Beige
  2. Concealer – L.A. Girl Pro Conceal in Creamy Beige
  3. Loose Powder – Laura Mercier and Ben Nye Banana
  4. Blush – MAC Blush in Gingerly
  5. Contouring – MAC Studio Fix Powder NC45 and NW43
  6. Eye Primer – Benefit Stay Don’t Stray
  7. Eyeshadow – Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Eyeshadow Palette (Vanity, Violence, Confession, Princess, Rich Bitch)
  8. Mink Lashes – 008 from Katch Beauty Supplies
  9. Eyeliner – Maybelline Crayon Liner
  10. Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Chocolate
  11. Highlighter – MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb
  12. Lips – Nyx Liquid Suede Creme Lipstick in Foul Mouth and Subversive Socialite

Loves, from now on, hopefully, I will be uploading videos on my YouTube channel every Thursday!!! Yaaaaaaaay! Let me know what look you want me to do next or if you want me to review any products that you wish to buy.

‘Til next Thursday, loves! Share some love! XOXO

Peace Out!!!

Lesley Jane


Haircut and Hair Tattoo at Hecktor’s Salon


I’ve really just waited for my hair to be colored then I’m off to my favorite salon. 🙂


As you’ve seen in my previous blog entry, Coloring Hair Golden Yellow, my hair was really really long and shapeless. Although I’ve cut most of the pink parts of my hair, there were still some remaining to be hanging on there. LOL


Then, I have decided to have a haircut. After work, I went straight to my hairstylist. I’m not a stranger here but whenever I go to this salon I usually have the side of my head shaved and not really have a hair styling or haircut.


They shampooed my hair first then they sprayed something like a conditioner to my hair for it to be easily brushed.


Then, Hecktor, the owner of the salon, started cutting my hair. He always does my hair especially my hair tattoo or hair art. Hecktor never goes wrong with his craft.



Then he shaved the right side of my head again for the Nth time. LOL. I looked so nervous on this photo but I’m just irritated by the sound of the razor.


After shaving it, Hecktor then did my hair tattoo (as always). By the way, Hecktor used to be a senior stylist for Bench Fix. Apparently, he became wiser and wanted to grow as an individual, he then put up his own salon. And, yes, all his clients are still with him, even those who were his clients from Bench Fix. 🙂


Blower time!!! 🙂 I love how my hair looks like after blower that’s why I’m always excited for this part. LOL.


What you all thought was when it’s done blow drying the hair, everything’s finished. THAT’S WRONG! After blow drying, Hecktor will still snip you hair for the final touches. 🙂


And there, my hair after the haircut and shaving  and hair tattoo. LOL. This photo does not give justice to the shape of the hair, though because it was all in just one side.  But you can still see the layers which you will not see from my previous hair. 🙂

Have your haircut now! You will not regret going to this salon.


You can go to Hecktor’s Salon from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Mondays to Sundays.

It is located at 47 Scout Torillo St. Timog, Quezon City.

Tell me your experience with Hecktor’s Salon and share your photo even. 🙂

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Lesley Jane 

Coloring Hair Golden Yellow


So I had to change my hair color already. It has been a while since I last colored it though. The roots were really dark now.


December of Last year, I bleached my hair and had pink ombré. It already faded but still visible though. It used to be super bright pink but gradually faded to baby pink, now orange-ish pink.

P1040566-horzHere’s how my hair looks like now. The pink isn’t noticeable enough since I cut most of its part because of dryness and split ends. I wanted to have lighter hair, as in like platinum blonde hair. Because I was in a rush to change my hair color, I just thought maybe I’ll try something without bleaching my hair again this time.

Because I am such a cheap ass, I searched for the cheapest yet most effective solution to make my hair lighter. So, I ran on to this hair color.


Yes! Those are the things you see in the sidewalks being sold for only P20.00! I have used this before (way back high school) and it was effective for me, well, for most Asians since it’s really made for Asian hair.  You can grab some like this in Philcoa, UP Diliman.


As I’ve said, I’m such a cheap ass girl so I just asked my brother to color my hair. I’m telling you, he is such a pro! He knows how to apply hair color properly and evenly.  LOL. But seriously, he really knows what he’s doing.


Here’s how it looked like. By the way, I have a side shaved hair and I want it to be dark so I didn’t color it. 🙂 My hair is quite long so we used 6 packs of the hair color. Still, it’s way cheaper than going to a salon  or buying over the counter hair colors you do not even know if it’ll work for your hair. I just spent P120.00. 😀



TAHDAH!!! Here’s how it looks like now! 🙂 I just had to keep it for 45 minutes to an hour and that’s the product.


I love how it turned out. You will really get the color displayed on the box.  I love it!

After 4 days, here’s how it looked like.

P1040605-horzIt is still super nice. Sorry for the ungroomed eyebrows. But, yeah, I love my hair color.


• It is cheap

• It is very effective especially for Asian hair

• You really get the color that is displayed on the box

• It is less damaging than bleaching


• It is hard to remove on skin, especially your hands

• It will take you a while before you can really wash your hair without staining the water and the shampoo

I’ll rate this 8 out of 10. 🙂 I am very much satisfied with my hair color, but surely I will still try other brands. 😀

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Lesley Jane 

Useful Gifts for Christmas and Holidays

Most of us probably have no gifts for the coming Christmas yet.
Thinking of what gift could be given away?
Well, I’ll be giving you some cheap yet useful gifts to give which are safe for either men or women for this year’s Christmas and where to find them.
Why umbrella? Isn’t that so girly? Come on! If it’s already raining, would you find a guy girly if he’s using an umbrella to shield himself from the rain? NO! So, umbrella will be forever useful for everyone especially now that the weather keeps on changing. It can also be used to block the sun, so why not give an umbrella, right? Cheap yet very sturdy umbrellas can be bought in Japan Home Centre (Daiso and Saizen). They have branches in Waltermart E. Rodrigues Q.C., Robinsons Galleria, Market! Market!, Gateway Mall, Alabang Town Center, Eastwood City, Trinoma, and Greenhills Shopping Center. I think it is only P 88.00 or more.
Yes, a planner! It is always good to keep track of your schedule especially to those who are working. There are reports that need to be passed on time, so be reminded and never forget. You don’t actually need those big bulky planners but if you think it’s cute, then GO!!! It is still good to give very nice gifts. Papemelroti have a small planner which i find sooo cute. They are just so cheap but very eco-friendly. It is around P 30.00 to P 50.00 only. They have branches in SM North Edsa, Alimall Cubao, SM Fairview, SM Megamall, Glorietta 3, and their main branch is in Korben Place Roces Avenue Q.C.
Come on! Why a pocket flash light and a whistle? It is a must for everyone!!! These are the stuff you need wherever you go especially to places where calamities are very often happening. Whenever you are in danger, you can just blow the whistle to let people know and alarm them that you are in an emergency. For dark places and if you’re stuck somewhere, you will need a flash light to see the way and even just to see who’s there with you. Japan Home Centre also has these stuff. You can get them below P 100.00.
Aside from the planner, it is also good to give stick notes. But, remember to give not just 1 set of sticky notes or post-its, they might think that you do not give importance to them that much. It is still good to be generous and give more. Sticky notes will help them remind themselves of the urgent calls and reminders. Doesn’t the planner do that? Yes, but it still is good to see a bigger copy of your schedule daily and be reminded all the time. There’s this store in Greenhills, Regina’s, which sells cheap sticky notes. It only costs around  P 20.00 to P 50.00 and the have very nice designs. Very cute!
If you cannot give a Bible, give at least a simple daily bread as their daily devotion with Christ. Let them rejoice not only physically, mentally but also spiritually. It still is good to be conversing with the Lord daily and having deep relationship with Him. Do not even ask the price. This is a must! You also need to buy 1 for yourself.
What is a pampering kit? Well, this is a kit where you will have all your kikay needs. People need to pamper themselves especially those people who seem to be so stressed. It is great to exfoliate your skin daily, avoid sunlight, and protect your hair from the sun. Body scrub should be in this kit. A shampoo as well needs to be in it, and also a lotion. 
I will soon be selling Pampering Kit for a very low price. 🙂 Wait for my next blog and win 1 pampering kit. 🙂
So, these are some gift ideas for this coming holiday. Keep posted and wait for other useful tips and updates.
Remember: you are not limited to the stores indicated above. It is still the better to go for the cheaper ones and best to go to Divisoria to find these things especially if you’re buying wholesale.
Good luck with your shopping.
Happy Christmas!
Lesley Jane