Petra Mahalimuyak (Ashley Rivera)

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This crazy yet sexy lady contacted us to do a shoot with her and I was like, “when? tomorrow?” then she be like, “The day after tomorrow.” Haahaha. WOOOOOW!!! Agad agad! She’s my barkada from high school and a friend of the very cuddly Kris Ryan Zara who happened to be  the photographer. 🙂

© Kris Ryan Zara
© Kris Ryan Zara

She just looks so fresh with that no makeup look 🙂

© Kris Ryan Zara
© Kris Ryan Zara

I just love her armpit shots. LOL.

© Kris Ryan Zara
© Kris Ryan Zara

And, oooooooh!!!! Isn’t she hoooooot? She sure is! You better be following her in youtube. Remember her 5 minute abs video? LOL

© Kris Ryan Zara
© Kris Ryan Zara

Not only is she bubbly, she also knows how to be tough. She’s a sexy beast! Subscribe to he youtube channel I’m 110% sure you’ll enjoy her videos.

© Kris Ryan Zara
© Kris Ryan Zara

Steaming hoooot! Come on! Who would not want a girl like that?

Model | Ashley Rivera a.k.a Petra Mahalimuyak
Hair + Makeup | Lesley Jane Makeup Artistry (
Photographer l Kris Ryan Zara – KriZara Photography (

All photos are owned and copyrighted by Kris Ryan B. Zara.
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, copy, editing, reproduction, publication, duplication and distribution of the digital photos, without his explicit permission, is punishable by law.

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Lesley Jane 

High School Barkada Night Out

It’s been like forever since the last time we were together.
Had so much to catch up with so Mati decided to set a date for the whole group. 
Since not everyone’s available like Kei who’s in Japan as of the moment, Hb who has OJT, Jenaira with her business in Nueva Ecija, Nerisse who’s now employed, and Mary Mae which we do not know where she’s at. :))
So, only I, Mati, Marion, Rizza, and Meg went out.
Margarita Angkaw aka Mati just graduated and is now preparing for the nursing board exam.
Marion Kitazawa who’s now employed (and loving it) is just travelling wherever he wants and going back and forth again and again to Sydney.
Rizza Magallanes is still in college. Now on her fifth years and will soon graduate pharmacy. 🙂
Megan Ashley Rivera aka Petra Mahalimuyak is already known worldwide. Yes, she’s the Pinay Youtube sensation, the girl version of Mikey Bustos. She’s now a talent of Viva and will soon have projects. Wait for her endorsements. 🙂

(L-R) Mati, Lesley Jane, Marion, Meg, Rizza

Super super fun night. We went to Celebrity Sports to swim then off to Mati’s place.
Marion just kept on nagging about how he likes crispy pata so we decided to go to Gerry’s grill near ABS-CBN and get that crispy pata that he’s craving for.
Ivan Dorschner then joined us. He was also with us when we went to Tides to have some drinks.
Indeed, it was an awesome night.

This is how we roll

Lesley Jane ♥